Ways to Have an Insect-Free Backyard Party

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Celebrations and parties are an inevitable part of our lives. Planning for a rocking backyard party with friends? Worried about the pest infestations and insects in your backyard?- Don’t worry. There are numerous ways to avoid pests and insects in your backyard and have a rocking celebration there. You just need to stay cautious and follow some steps guided by Pest Control Everton Park experts.

Pests and insects not only get attracted to dust, but they also love to reside around standing water and uncovered food. Pest infestations and insect nests cannot be completely removed with tips, tricks, and DIY methods. For that, you would have to opt for professional pest controllers in Everton Park. But for your party, there can be some helpful tips. Want to know the solution to enjoy an insect-free party?- Read below to unveil that.

How to keep bugs away from my buffet?

Other than the backyard plants, your open buffet can be a delicious invitation for insects, bugs, and pests. Of course, you definitely won’t want to share your party buffet with them. So, follow the below-listed tips and keep them away from your buffet-

  • Set up some fans nearby as many insects are not very strong flyers.
  • Place some insect-repelling herbs at the starting and ending points of your buffet.
  • Keep all the food items covered with lids.
  • Use mosquito-repellent dryer sheets.

Even if you mind keeping the insect repellants nearby, the best possible solution is to keep your food items covered. You should also set up some strong fans near the buffet.

How to enjoy an insect-free backyard party?

  • Remove the nearby standing water- Standing water is a great attraction for pests, bugs, and insects. It doesn’t only support their living, but also help them grow very rapidly. Some insects like mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water only. So, if you have standing water in your backyard, remove it completely. And, if you already notice insects nearby, call for professional Pest Control Everton Park before you plan for the party.
  • Move away the trash bins and cover them- Trash bins are just like an open buffet for insects. You might have placed your trash bins or dustbins in your backyard. But remember to relocate them to somewhere else before the party. Also, try to place covering lids over them to ensure that no more insects or pests are attracted to them.
  • Mow the lawns- Lawns add beauty, comfort, and relaxing environment to a home. But they can be feeding residences for many insects. Some insects love to hide in tall grass. So, remember to mow your lawns before you start preparing for your backyard party. While mowing, if you notice pest infestations, call for professional pest control Everton Park.

Conclusion- Who would want to get embarrassed in front of friends and relatives?- No one, right?- Planning for a backyard party is very easy. But ensuring that pests, bugs and insects stay away from there, is a bit difficult. So, call for professional pest management in Everton Park, follow the above-mentioned tips, and then start preparing for a rocking party in your backyard.