How do Pest Control Services Assist in Preventing Pests from the Pantry?

You must be aware of the fact that pests can reach any place where they discover food, water, and shelter sources. However, it becomes necessary to recognize pests attacking stored food for preventing huge pest infestation.

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Defining stored product pests

A stored product pest or pantry pest consider those insects that admire to feed on food stored in containers. Moreover, these pest ranges from weevils, moths, bores, and beetles.

The size of such pest is around sixteenth inch longer to half an inch. However, they vary in color but mostly have a brownish body.

These stored product pests can cause adverse side effects as they spoil the food and cause destruction to clothes, furniture. 

Furthermore, they feed on different types of things like books, upholstery, dry fruits, and whole grains. 

A pantry pest hides in packaging material and can be discovered in kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Damage caused by Stored Product Pests

Pests such as beetles, moths, and mites can damage whole grains or store food inside your pantry. However, in the initial stage to identify if there is a problem, you must notice the presence of little beetles moving around countertops, moths flying in the room, or caterpillars moving on the walls.

The other types of stored product pests will feed whole kernels. However, such pests consider as granary weevil, rice weevil, and Angoumois grain moth. The regular infested food contaminated by pantry pests includes barley, oats, rye, and corn.

The biggest part of pantry pest insects feeds on stored grains and broken kernels, also spices. However, such constant offenders involve red and complicated flour beetles, toothed grain beetles, drugstore beetles, and Indian meal moths.

A flour beetle does not cause any damage to whole or unharmed grains but they admire feeding on a big assortment of stored grains like flour, dry fruits, dry pet food, candy bars, and tobacco.

Pest Control Services from Everton Park to prevent Stored Product Pests

In general terms, the more pantry bugs you track down, the more established the infestation. However, this implies that the first wellspring of the infestation might be part of the way utilized boxes or sacks of food staples left forgotten in the backs of racks and storerooms. 

The pervasions normally spread from this unique source to discover new food sources over the long haul. As you go through your pantry looking for the conceivable wellspring of the issue, remember to likewise take a look at any brightening kitchen things like corn and pet food sacks.

The best and most prompt approach to free your storeroom of these bugs is to eliminate the food source; discover and discard the pervaded items where the pests have dwelled. 

Thoroughly clean or vacuum the entirety of the racking to guarantee you got everything tidied up altogether. Discarding the swarmed materials is the best bug control technique for stored product pests. Setting all pantry staples like grains, preparing items, dried organic products, and pet food in water/airproof compartments or zip-lock packs is the best pantry pest control services.