Solutions To Remove Ants From Your Kitchen

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One ant in the home means thousands nearby, and ant infestations in the house, especially in the kitchen, are annoying. In addition, they carry bacteria, transmit disease, spread infection, and their bite causes rashes. You see, the internet is flooded with DIY ant control methods, but these are not effective. But, Pest Control Everton Park professionals help you to keep ants out from home. Let see some of the solutions to remove ants.

What To Do About Ants In The Kitchen? – Solutions

Killing one is not a practical solution as there is a colony nearby, appearing again. So, let us learn how to get rid of ants permanently.

Identifying The Entry Points And Removing The Nests Of Ants:

Observe ants in the kitchen closely and determine whether they come from cracks, window screens, or doors. Next, inspect and follow them where they go after leaving the kitchen. If you track their movement, you will surely come to the point where the rest of the ant lives that is an ant colony.

The ant nest may be located adjacent to the kitchen or outside the home. You can apply boric acid directly to their nest to remove ants. Else you can also use insecticide to remove their colony if they are located in outer premises.

Cleaning Thoroughly To Stop Ants From Coming To Your Kitchen Again And Again:

As you know, they are attracted to food and moisture sources. Therefore, routinely cleaning the kitchen floors, cabinets and wiping up water and other liquid sources prevents them from returning. In addition, keep the dustbin closed when not in use and repair water leaks, if any, in the kitchen.

Position Traps To The Entry Point To Kill The Colony:

Many traps are available online, you can purchase and position them near their entry point. However, these trap contains poisons mixed with food sources and effective in ant removal successfully. In addition, chemical sprays are also effective in removing ants.

If You Still See Ants In The Kitchen, Call The Pros:

You need to call an exterminator if all the above approaches fail to stop them from coming into your kitchen. There are chances that you don’t identify which types of ants invade your home. Some Ants, such as carpenter ants, build their colonies separately. Unfortunately, you are unable to identify them and locate their colonies.

There is also a possibility that many ant colonies are located nearby your home and backyard. To successfully deal with ant problems and stop them from future attacks, schedule a professional inspection.


Ants in your kitchen also mean there are other pests on their way. But acting quickly can save you from ant as well as other pest infestations. An experienced pest control Everton Park expert can quickly identify ants and apply the correct methods to eliminate ant infestation.